‘The Pigment Fields’ original poetry and art handmade book



 ‘The Pigment Fields’, – 24 page original artists handmade book

These poems were started a long time ago and worked on since then. They were written – (fast scribbles in sketchbooks alongside the landscapes and drawings) to record moments when vision seemed to be about life itself, became more intense than colours and shapes and etched themselves in memory as jewels embedded. The poems are of places and of the desire to paint; the means of painting, the meaning of painting.

This completely hand made book of poetry about the local landscape and prints of my original paintings is an artists book containing 12 of my original poems, and 12 archival prints of original paintings with a further double page painting reproduction across the front and back covers. The prints are made onto Archival quality paper.  

Poetry Book, Artist Book, Abstract Landscape, ‘The Pigment Fields’ Illustration, Limited Edition, Handmade Book

Watercolour paper
In total there are 24 pages.
The book is hard bound
Size of book
15.5 x11 x 1 cm
6 x 4.5 x 0.5 inches



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