MIRROR QUAYS; Oil Painting

An original small oil painting of the cranes around the canals at Media City in Salford Quays, in Manchester. I find the architecture of this city an exciting subject to paint, because of the way that the old and the new is growing together and changing. Media City is entirely new, having replaced traditional houses along the network of canals and the river with this modern settlement. I love to go here to draw and photograph the shapes and light as it falls on the strange structures.

I have used an expressive thick impasto style with the brush strokes so that the oil paint is quite thick and in relief in places.

The painting is on a small acrylic mirror sheet, and has been drawn through in places to allow the reflective quality to shine through. The effect is quite subtle, and is visible only in some of the lines drawn into the paint. The mirror is a Perspex one, so it will not break. the painting would need to be mounted before it could be hung as there is no way to fix hangings on the back of the mirror tile.

This is a small oil painting about postcard size

Size of painting
width 100mm
height 150mm

4 inches x 6 inches


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