Cuillin Ridge, Scotland, with snow


Cuillin Ridge 1

Cuillin Ridge, Scotland, with snow; Acrylic Painting

Here is a link to this work in my Etsy Shop, ElizabethAFox
This is a medium sized original acrylic painting of some of the weather I have experienced on the beautiful and unique Cuillin ridge on the Isle of Skye, Scotland. I have spent much time up on this ridge, traversing the mountains, camping, bivvying, climbing and and painting. In short, I love it there. I have written many accounts of time spent there. If you would like to see more, it is here on my blog, ‘Not at Home’

I have painted expressionistically, feeling as if I were right there up at the snowline, with the hail starting and the mist about to form around me. The first picture shows the full painting, and there are 3 zoomed images to show the details of the brushwork and colour mixing,

The painting is made with acrylic paint onto sized card and has been finished with acrylic varnish.


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